Tree Services

Hazard Tree Removal

With Superior Resources, you can count on safe and efficient tree removal. In order to minimize the impact on the surrounding property and vegetation, we thoroughly clean up all debris after we are finished.

Our experts can help you with storm damaged trees or hazardous trees. Our tree removal services are used when trees pose a safety risk, impede construction, or are in the way of other essential projects.

You can rely on us to remove dangerous trees from your property which can enhance the overall appearance of your home or business.

Land Clearing

If you need to clear your land, we can remove trees, stumps, and brush that can prevent you from using the land in the way you want. Land clearing is an essential part of repurposing your land to use for other purposes.

Urban Logging

For the successful removal of trees near buildings (businesses or homes), streets, and parking lots, special extraction techniques and machinery are needed. It is necessary to perform a quick clean-up and to minimize downtime within populated areas. In conjunction with our highly-trained professionals, and specialized equipment, we are excited to tackle your urban logging project.

Tree Trimming

We can climb your trees and trim any branches that are damaged or blocking your view, or if you need your trees topped we are ready to help.

Storm Damage

Every year in the Pacific Northwest we have wind storms that cause damage to trees. We are here to remove damaged or fallen trees on your home or property if they have been affected by a storm or a strong wind.

Wood Chipping

Chips can be made from wood that we don’t haul away, these wood chips make a great mulch, and they can be used to create natural borders around your property.

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