About Us

Tree Removal in Washington County Idaho.

At Superior Resources, we are highly trained to work safely and efficiently in all tree removals. We provide a thorough clean up of all debris and strive to minimize the impact to surrounding property and vegetation.

In most cases, the tree stump is left behind after the tree is removed and is cut as close to the ground as possible. However, the stump can be removed if need be. Stump removal can be challenging and often special machinery is required, but it may be necessary if the stump is a hazard in the landscape or simply an eyesore. Stump grinding by a professional is the best and most efficient option and we partner with a stump grinding company if you want to remove the stump.

If you have a storm damaged tree or a tree that is a hazard give us a call. We remove trees that are a safety risk, are in the way of construction, or many other necessary reasons.

We will remove dangerous trees from your property, while also enhancing the overall look of your home or business.

It’s our job to care for trees and we do it because we care about our customers. We pride ourselves on providing professional, efficient, timely, and thorough service at all times.

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